Winner Winner Winner

Record Courier - Winner
Wandering Jews

Thank you Tom,
I would have never tried without you.

Yes I did it. I actually won something for my gardening efforts.
For a bigger version of submitted picture click here.


The story goes Tom perusing the local Ravenna paper came across the Record-Courier's How Does Your Garden Grow? contest. since I had been obsessing about my plants for months, he thought it was a good idea. What the hell, I had nothing to lose.I went out and snapped some pics. Fortunately for me it had rained that morning and the plants were crisp and pierky. It was overcast so the pictures didin't have harsh lighting.

I sent in three pictures on July 19, 2012 with the following description:


I am a novice gardener, this being my second year since moving out of the city to Ravenna. I tried vegetables last year. What a mistake. As a renter, this year I kept the gardening to the porch where I could keep better track of things and enjoy them. Gives me a nice place to take in the morning cup of coffee. Being on a budget I gathered from a variety of sources. Many are sales, some I dug up from surrounding areas, some I considered rescues From the likes of Wal-Mart"

The other pics:

It was composed nicely

"Trusty Rusty" A Coleus I didn't manage to kill.

If it wasn't for Tom, I never would have tried. Thank you Tom. So I submitted and just up and forgot all about it. It was nearly a month later that I had won and didn't even know about it. Tom was out 'Driving Miss Daisy' and bought a newspaper to read with breakfast. Low and behold my pic was on the front page. Get this making the paper without the police being involved. I still had no idea and Tom had tried to call me all morning. When he finally did, I had a shit eating grin from eat to ear and immediately went out and bought a bunch of papers.

I don't think my garden was particullarly grand. con't get me wrong, it isn't too shabby.I think I won because I know how to take decent pictures and my candor admitting that I really don't know a hell of alot about gardening.

The prize, $75 gift certificate from one of the advertisers. After some legwork I chose Pizzute's Plant-N-Thyme located in Kent. They are the bomb and I can use my certificate next spring. "Oh Happy Day!"